Our Nation’s Collapsing and Other Good News

War is hell, they say.

We’ve seen Lauren Conrad vs. Heidi Montag. We’ve hated Spencer Pratt, we’ve hated Kanye. We’ve loved Kanye.

We miss the old Kanye.

We’ve heard of the War on Drugs. Some have lived the War on Drugs. We’ve seen the North verse the South. We’ve seen the United States break its brittle bones as the nation collapsed over issues of slavery.

Then we patched our nation back together and fucked around and embedded institutional racism into our daily lives.

Then Black Lives Matters comes and we begin to heal.

These wars are not just backseat cinema anymore.

This happens in any place with a pulse.

Now we have the war between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It feels like a giant wedge is stuck between two sides of the country, for good reason.

I think any time in history I would respect any opponent’s difference of opinion until now. No positive opinion of Trump can ever, ever sway me or generally intrigue me.

Threats of a dictatorship? Sweet, it’s your average Wednesday.

These wars are real. These wars are the future. These wars have me calling my dad in a panic on a Thursday night because I want to move to the UK if all of a sudden our country becomes a scene out of The Dictator.

My professor in my favorite class, Equity and Advocacy, told our class that she knows we are all stressed.

We all are reeling.

We live in a society where Carol Baskin is on Dancing with The Stars and on Fox News is an orange blimp-sized man in a president’s costume.

Breonna Taylor gets shot in her bed and the justice system thinks that’s just Tuesday afternoon.

Tears are shed, lives are lost, borders are crossed, borders are closed.

We think the only wars are external. But they’re internal.

Some are at war with themselves over such a pain staking decision not to condemn Breonna Taylor’s murderers.

Some, like this man I went on a date with, are at war with themselves because they don’t believe in fundamental equities.

If everything was equal, then there wouldn’t be a winner. There wouldn’t be the dominant white male. There wouldn’t be the god-complex, Trumpian way of thought.

It’s scary that Trump can be used as a description of a thought process. He is definitely a LOT of nouns that I feel like are not school appropriate.

But we wage wars because we are confused.

We wage wars because we are distraught.

We wage wars because enough is enough.

There are good types of war.

The war that is loud and roaring. The war that often goes unnoticed. The unexpected war that ensues when an old friend from college becomes allies in a battle you never thought they would fight.

The good kind of war is the war that is worth fighting for: the war for equity, the war for understanding, the war for equal rights, the war for Chrishell to win Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk, it’s been a few weeks too long.

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