Lonely in Quarantine? 13 Ways to Feel Better

I was on my 5th hour of Money Heist and decided to plan a heist out of my apartment. Riding the elevator down, I stared up at the mirror on the ceiling. I felt my heart began to sink.

The distractions had worn off. I was alone.

I walked into my lobby and saw a couple with a Corgi sitting, laughing. I walked through the construction across the street, down the road to the cloudy 7:00 pm bay.

Walking on the path by the water, I passed a family holding hands with their two teeny toddlers.

I spotted a bench and sat down.

Scribbling down my feelings into some sort of poem on my phone, I plugged in my headphones to block out the world.

Three groups of girls glare viciously at me as they walked by.

A homeless person with a huge backpack weighing him down sauntered by.

I dramatically gave up my poem and ran. I ran past the homeless man, I ran past the innocent girl group, I ran past the family.

Then, I went home.

Loneliness is like fight club. No one talks about fight club.

It creeps off the tongue like the word “moist.”

But during COVID-19, being lonely is the new black. It’s so prominent it may be trending on Twitter.

Everyone is stuck in their homes. Some people are starting a whole new job online. Some are beginning school online.

I began a new school online and a new move under quarantine.

But ultimately, loneliness is a part of life and you can’t escape it. But there are ways to live your everyday life with acceptance.

Kayla’s Tips To Staying Sane

  1. Take a day off social media
  2. Go for a run or walk every single day outside
  3. Pick somewhere to walk that you constantly drive to
  4. Find an entertaining show that keeps you motivated
  5. Find a show to fall asleep to
  6. Cook as much as you can
  7. Cook healthy food (feeling good in your body makes you mentally feel good)
  8. Take a bath and read a book
  9. CLEAN
  10. Work out (Instagram Live workouts are the best)
    1. I recommend @lexfish on Instagram, her saved Instagram live videos are everything (especially her everyday 15-min abs)
    2. Another really great trainer is Lindsay Harrod @lindsayharrod has a great leg and arm day videos that are fun and challenging
  11. Imagining every day as an adventure
  12. Every errand as an adventure
  13. Go to Trader Joes as much as you can or if you feel worried about Covid-19, check out a locally social distanced farmers market
  14. Stretch, meditate, breath

But let’s be real, I am trying to take my own advice. COVID-19 is difficult for everyone. Quarantining with people, being around the same people 24/7, being alone 24/7, and at the end same time, finding a sense of balance to be productive and happy.

A sense of optimism is what we need in this time.

Just remember, the world is running together through this lonely era.

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