The Anti-Chick Flick Review: 500 Days of Summer

Can someone please explain to me why Zooey Deschanel is just the coolest chick out there?

I think ZD as Summer in 500 Days of Summer has what every girl wants to be:

  1. She is quirky, but it’s not weird, it’s just cute.
  2. She is allusive. In 500 Days, she is just a bad bitch that doesn’t want to be tied DOWN.
  3. She sings?
  4. Her style is completely and truly not basic. She does dress like a mom from the 70’s though. But guys are into that?
  5. She likes the Smiths.
  6. Brown hair looks good on her. When I dyed my hair brown, it came out black. I blended in nicely in Japan, during our trip a couple weeks after.

But then there’s Joseph Gordon Levitt and I don’t know if it’s Inception but he does appear in my dreams…..

Even though JGL in 500 Days of Summer was an almost stalker, we love Tom.

He is a midsummer night’s dream (ha) and here is why:

  1. He actually cares about getting to know the girl he’s interested in
  2. He’s a loyal hoe
  3. He will get in a FIGHT for you (which was a turn-off for Summer but hey).
  4. He will take you to Ikea. The classic meatballs were not shown but I’m 100% certain they were purchased (because it would be a sin if not).
  5. He talks to his friends about you like a girl in love (half of us hate this and half of this think this is endearing).
  6. He has nice friends. This is IMPORTANT. Men, take notes, dump your Chad’s and Brad’s.

The two are tied.

But ultimately, I love this movie. As a kid, I would write love stories after viewing romantic comedies and hold on tightly to that perfect ending.

Then, in the 7th grade, my heart broke for the first time watching 500 Days of Summer.

The ring that was shown at the beginning was not from Tom, but from Summer’s new beau.

500 Days of Summer shocked my system. All of a sudden, I realized not all stories are love stories.

Reality and expectations don’t always match.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a second solution. There was an Autumn after the Summer.

After watching this movie, I became more realistic.

“I woke one day and knew. What I never was sure of with you.”

Summer was sitting, reading, and a man came up to her and asked about the author.

Love found her in the simplest way possible.

Tom was working at a greeting card company but he dreamed of being an architect. He met Summer and put his full effort into being her perfect man.

He wasn’t okay with himself so he obsessed over someone else.

He knows why Summer was so endearing, he names many reasons in the film.

They seem to play over and over again like a tape recorder. Obsession or insanity?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Summer drove him insane. Through that, Tom drove Summer insane with his high expectations.

Cue the breakup. Tom reeling, drinking, and ranting on dates.

But then, we all move on, somehow (me included after my little teenage heart broke).

500 Days of Summer left me so many messages. It taught me that there is more than just boy meets girl in a love story. There are games and mix-messages and heart-break. But that is what you have to go through until you meet someone.

The romantic comedies from the early 2000’s really did not explain that to little 13-year-old Kayla. Until, Summer Finn came along and broke Tom’s heart. Then, Tom picked the pieces up on screen, reminisced, and ultimately, moved forward.

What did you think of 500 Days of Summer? Comment below.

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