A San Diego Update

Hello everyone, I apologize for my brief hiatus as I flung myself from Los Angeles to San Diego about a week ago.

“It is 2 hours away,” said my mother.

Yes, but I realized that society is so strange in which you could move into a new habitat with similar buildings and beaches, yet the people are cosmically different.

There is also a shift in mentality.

A Los Angeles man age 38 still feels like he is in his bachelor days. Waiter by day, promoter by night, this man, let’s call him “Danny,” hangs out with girls who average the age of 20.

Or you are Jason Derulo, a simple musician in his thirties, hanging out with 19-year-old TikTok sensation Addison Rae, who also most definitely nannies for the Kardashian kids.

The first morning I was on my own I went for a run (let’s be honest it was a very swift walk) and took in everything I could see about San Diego (I forgot my sunglasses).

San Diego is brighter and the air feels more clean, probably because there is no traffic and limited pollution.

I people watched, and I think I could play a very hefty drinking game with the amount of couples in their 20’s and 30’s with the most adorable array of dogs.

Not a ton of golden doodles or huge dogs like in Los Angeles, but smaller rescues and labs run around everywhere.

Especially in my building, couples live everywhere around me with their puppies. It’s fabulous.

Everyone has a mate! I sometimes just want to shake them and say:

“Hi, where’d you find him?”

“The dog?”

“No, I mean the beautiful specimen next to you.”

But there are prospectives on the horizon. Moving to San Diego and out of your parents house does wonders for your love life.

It’s just finding the right prospect for me now. I’ve over the era of staying with a guy that doesn’t really fit with me.

But it has been a whole lot of fun in the week I’ve been here. I’ve been here and there and everywhere.

I haven’t seen or came across a lot of “Danny’s.” Coasting onto 40, “Danny” is a heart-breaker, probably has crushed your heart once or twice, but then offered to take you on a yacht the next day and you said yes. But “Danny” is so “complicated.” “Danny” is completely and utterly an LA construct. He’s the forever bachelor and can be a forever bachelor because the times keep coming and the women keep getting younger.

But San Diego has been so sweet to me. I’m sure there are some “Danny’s” in San Diego, but San Diego seems to be an area where everyone is happily coupled up or casually dating Navy Men. Keep reading more for updates!

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