Today’s Society, A Collection of Poems

I wanted to write about today’s misfortunes, about Corona, about Trump. I wanted to capture how I’m feeling about Black Lives Matter. But as I wrote, the words that transcribed on my page were cliche, and trivialized the situation. Throughout this quarantine and the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve penned many poems that I want to share with you all today. I’m curious for your responses so please feel free to give me feedback. There’s only three, but if you like these, I will post more!

Here is some mood music:

Realizing My Privilege

porcelain white skin
never tanned
lays one hand
on the steering wheel
runs red lights
leaves black lines
hops front lines,
chugs free drinks,
courted by beards
But does not die.

Life out the window with Corona, March 2020

a dark window reflection
wind drenched trees
Street whispers
A man with a gas mask
7/11 lights flickering
Bare brisk cross walk
Red brick house on 9th and 11th
buying big sleeve tops at Barney’s
a dark screen reflection.’

This Is Only The Beginning

Why does black
Mean darkness
Is there any word
Any phrase
That pulls
The shackles.

Why does white
Mean angelic,
Give it pistols,
And it’s a saint,
Give it time,
And it turns
And churns
And shoots.

Give it all time,
The blue
On their Gold stallions
Whipping necks

Give it voices,
Make them loud
Sprinkle in colors
Churn the rainbow
And hold your sign
this is only
the beginning.


  1. Wow Kayla. Beautiful but I’ve never been very good at understanding poems. I do get the drift though and as usual I am very impressed with your thoughtfulness. I also love the photo of the 3 Hefter children-or should I say 4.


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