Six Best Socially-Distant Take-Out Restaurants in Los Angeles

LA’s hottest club during Quarantine is, *Stefan from SNL voice,* Home For 3 Months

Home for 3 Months is THEE hippest club in Hermosa. 

Tiger King is on the TV, the lights are ALL ON. Your little sister is in a homeless woman costume. Three small dogs compete to get into your trashcan. Your parents are learning the savage dance. 

Quarantine has been a time. Living with my parents and having them order groceries for the family has also been a time. My mom will order 5 packs of mushrooms but forget turkey, bread, salt, lettuce.

When my mom orders red peppers in bulk, we order take-out.

There are some take-out places that I would like to dedicate to helping my sanity and my hunger through these tough times. 

Bestia, Downtown Los Angeles

My mother found out that Bestia does take-out. Hands down some of the best food I have ever had, this Downtown LA gem Bestia is priced just as highly as their ratings. Of course, my mom burns their pizza in the oven. We sat in the kitchen and ate our burnt pizza and the rest of our fancy meal with our fingers. Their homemade ravioli was a ten, all ten of my fingers coated with tomato sauce. 

Din Tai Fung, Torrance, CA

Can we order that one place with the dumplings? My mom still does not know the name of Din Tai Fung. Every time we pick up Din Tai Fung, we order dumplings for 15 people rather than 5. Food for one day, and two days after, Din Tai Fung brought out my brother’s abroad stories from Hong Kong. My parents joined in and talked about their trip to Beijing. The pork buns and the spicy pork and shrimp wontons go first, then we are usually left with the vegetables. 

Bolt, Hollywood, CA

When my sister and I decided to take a hike and needed to pause to grab some avocado toast, Yelp found us Bolt. Down the street from my former office, this off-beat East Hollywood gem had vintage furniture tucked away in the corner. Bolt had walls decked in palm tree murals, a beautiful array of pastries, cold-brew and kombucha on tap, and an extensive breakfast and lunch menu. For a second, I ignored my mask secured on my mouth and felt something I haven’t felt in a long time: hip & cool.

Jus Poke, Redondo Beach, CA

Jus Poke has little dots for you to stand on outside. I felt like I was in a school of fish, following the leader. I tugged harder on my mask. The familiar flavors came in through, the homemade brown rice, the yummy ahi poke, the best pickled cucumbers, and seaweed salad that come in huge sizes for cheap prices. I put a seatbelt over my California roll poke and went home.

Urth Caffe, South Bay

Everyone knows Urth. I mean we all live here. But, I think I have a better grasp on Urth than your normal human being. I would go to Urth Caffe once a week in high school, I started up a friendship with the cashier. Urth Caffe take-out is probably one of the best take-out just because the portions are enormous (they definitely give you more when you dine out). The vegetarian chili is cheap and delicious, paired with their bread that is made fresh to dip. Their green tea with mango blended is beyond heavenly or if you’re an English Breakfast Tea fan, their English Breakfast Tea Latte is next level.

Ali’i Poke Company, El Segundo, CA

My friend who is from Hawaii told me about Ali’i Poke Company. She swore it was the most authentic poke she has had in the US. So I took her advice and drove there a year ago and never looked back. I felt like I was actually in Oahu. Walking in, it’s a hole in the wall and on display are their poke flavors. Usually, you can try each. I really recommend the sweet and spicy. But even if you’re not a veteran like myself, any of the flavors will be satisfactory. It was empty, perfect for distancing. Three Chad’s walked in to get their poke of the day, and then some families came in after. After picking up poke for the family, I felt like the provider, sucking air in and out of my mask, drooling over my plastic goodies.

This quarantine is anything but normal but when our favorite restaurants are open, the world still feels like home. We still feel like we can control something, pick up our take-out, pick out our Postmates. That’s why local businesses are quarantines’ hottest clubs! 

What are your favorite quarantine takeout spots? Comment below!

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