How To Curb Your Online Shopping Addictions ft. Avaylen

What did you buy online during this quarantine?

I feel like that is a new proper way to greet someone now, right?

Since I haven’t seen you guys in a while, I’ve even forgotten how to greet someone. But don’t worry, I am back with a new post every Thursday!

My online shopping addiction has been at an all-time high this quarantine season. I bought all my necessities: a tie-dye sweat suit, blue-light glasses, customized protein powder, fat burning Gummies that I discovered do not in fact work, perfume for my hair.

What can I say, I am helping small businesses!

The things I do not regret buying: clothing, comfy clothing. Fabric that says, it’s cool you’re staying home.

My favorite comfy t-shirt brand lately has been by the brand Avaylen. Avaylen’s t-shirts are comfy and make you feel at home. 

Their designs are dope and I always wear my black Avaylen top with my new ripped shorts to complete my full outfit purchased in quarantine.

Getting my Avaylen t-shirt, I realized I was actually supporting a company that stood for something.

“It’s In All of Us” is Avaylen’s slogan, meaning our passions, being a painter, surfer, skater, actor, writer, and our artistic pursuits are ingrained in all of us. 

It made me think: writing is in my blood, just like science is in my sister’s blood, modeling in my cousin’s blood. 

Avaylen reminds us that realizing and accepting our talents makes us all the more ready to pursue our goals.

Avaylen really resonated with me.

I love to write and identify as a writer. I am pursuing a teaching career, but writing is always that first boyfriend that I will always be in love with. It’s that stuffed animal in my bed that will always make me feel safe. 

But that made me think, I really need to keep pursuing writing and keep pushing to get my voice heard.

Avaylen appreciates your passions! It is a brand-new company. Founded by Anthony Avaylen in 2014, Avaylen officially put out their merchandise, their t-shirts, hats, and accessories, in 2019. 

Avaylen appeals to skaters, California-locals, both male and female alike.

Creating a brand like Avaylen that supports and serves the creative community is what we need in these crazy corona times. Avaylen elevates the arts by putting out apparel that is comfy and also progresses fashion, while supporting artistic aspiration every step they can.

In this time of COVID-19, we need to follow our random pursuits. I’m even learning French! 

Most of all, I’m learning how to craft my writing even more and reminding myself that my talent is in me. Avaylen reminds us that we can’t doubt ourselves. We must remind ourselves of our talents and believe in our greatness! 

Check out Avaylen at for more details!


  1. That was such a great blog. Really enjoyed reading this piece. I like how it made you really see your love for writing and how writing is definitely apart of you. I’m here for this energy

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  2. Super interesting, thanks for sharing! I love brands that are passionate about what they do, and when you can see that passion in what they create

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so good! I loved hearing about your love of writing and how you continue to pursue it! Also, excited to hear about the growth of Avaylen!!

    Liked by 1 person

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