An Unrequited Love Story

It’s the oldest formula in the book.

Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, they flirt.

Girl thinks flirting means potential relationship. Boy thinks flirting and then remembers to play back his friend in iPhone beer pong.

Boy flirts even more but forgets that he is also talking to Sally.

Girl thinks wow should I invite him to my office Christmas party?

Boy breaks it off with girl because uh you know he’s not into something serious right now, but then dates Sally.

Girl posts passive aggressive Instagram stories and calls her mom.

The stories vary. But the themes are universal. Sometimes people are on two different pages, and most times the pages are on two different planets.

When I was a freshman, I had my first bout of unrequited love.

If someone could scream, “he’s just not that into you;” it would be nicer than what happened to poor little 18-year-old Kayla.

Basically, I started a radio show with a guy I had a huge crush on.

If you asked the guy who worked the front desk at my dorm, he would tell you that I had our first two kids picked out. Literally, we would adopt.

We started the show. He would “flirt” with me aka talk with me and participate in our weekly meetings and show. He told me really flirty things like “we should get you a boyfriend.”

Then, this girl who looks oddly like Snookie says to me, “He thinks your annoying.”

What? You mean that talking about him non-stop to Snookie who has biology with him, saying that you’re in love with him is…ANNOYING?

Okay, the second clue was the fact that he began to to date a Reece Witherspoon look-a-like.

That night, me and my friend danced closer and closer to him and I got up the courage to say “Hi!” He said a meek hello.

I then subtly tried to catch his eye all night with my fierce dance moves. He left hand in hand with a blonde in black.

You don’t need someone to love you to love yourself.

I chased, and I mean yes sometimes I literally did run to our sessions to make it there on time, this guy.

What did I get from it?

I got a little taste of freshman heartbreak. It’s like the CVS brand of heartbreak.

But this is only because I was deeply, deeply insecure and so lost at my new school as a freshman.

I chased this guy because I wanted the ego boost and mostly because I love a love story.

Boy meets girl.

They do a radio show.

They fall madly in love & adopt two sons from Japan named Ju and Jun.

Boy meets Reece was not in the storyline. I’d like a re-write.

But lately, I’ve tried to abandon the piece of myself that likes a fairy tale ending.

We love the serendipity of it all.

But truly, nothing is a fairy tale. The fairy tale and the story will make sense later.

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to let your story come to you.

Most of all, please don’t try to chase a man who smokes weed everyday and now shoots geese for a living.

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