A Recipe for the Universe

“Why don’t I have a house in the Hollywood Hills, a boyfriend, a dog, and a steady high-paying job already?”

Now begin with me, take a deep breath, close your eyes, feel your feet.

Open your eyes and see the coffee you are carrying for your boss. See the slim physique you have. Feel your stilettos or your Nikes. Glance at your phone, see messages about trying the new bar down the street on Saturday. Think about your weekend ahead, your concert, your hiking plans, reuniting with college friends, going out and not having to think about anyone else but your damn self.

Breathe, your 20’s only come once and it’s damn okay to feel confused, feel overwhelmed, feel terrified of the future. That’s just the fun of it.

No other time in your life will you have complete reign over yourself and your plans. You have a time dedicated to figuring out YOU and what you like to do and what you want to do on a free day. 

It’s a time where you can move anywhere in the world without anyone’s permission and the opportunities are endless.

But that is petrifying, you never know what could happen.

I find myself looking out my window and instead of taking in the beautiful view (thanks Mom and Dad), my chest builds up and my heart gets heavy. There’s so much in this world that I want to see and I can’t see it now because it’s 11:00 PM and I have to get ready to go to bed before work tomorrow. But even when I get the chance to see it, to explore downtown, there’s no recipe for what could happen or who I could meet.

But if Downtown had a recipe it would look like this:

Downtown (1 Serving)

  • Add three cups of homeless tents on Skid Row
  • Add 50 skyscrapers and 8 roof-top bars
  • Sprinkle in 20 risky restaurants, 7 sketchy taco stands, 1 restaurant that gave me food poisoning
  • Add in 80 scoops of delicious dinners, from Halal Brothers to Tocaya
  • Soak in specialty cocktails
  • Add a tablespoon of doubt
  • When darkened, add a sprinkle of fear
  • When it’s done, top it off with loads of adventure, and so many learning experiences.

Breaking places and experiences down to the bare bones can make us feel appreciative. Yes, the world is a huge place and can be scary, but we are lucky. We need to lead with being ourselves, taking deep breaths,and believing in the power of the universe.

Many people say to manifest the life you want to have.

I believe if us, as 20-somethings, write down our greatest wants and desires on a piece of paper and let the wind take it by hand, we can get what we want.

Once we have our wildest dreams and desires and wants, we can let go. Then, we can start to deal with our actual life and make it the best life we can be.

Everyone wants to control the uncontrollable. Let the universe do the work and work on your own life, one step at a time. 

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