Is Love Dead?

The funeral is tomorrow.

It’s a light function, wear all red and don’t forget to bring out the loungerie.

Make sure you wave your phone right in the air.

Hinge, Bumble, Tinder lights up throughout the crowd.

It’s in the Hollywood Forever cemetery because nothing says destruction like torn Hollywood lovers.

A tribute concert including Michael Buble and The Black Eyed Peas with a truly gripping rendition of “Where Is the Love.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is buried right next to all of Taylor Swift’s old singles.

Rest in peace, Love, with all other benign things, romantic comedies, romance novels, records, the 2010’s, grand gestures, boom boxes, opening the door for strangers, The Backstreet Boys.

Maybe if it wasn’t for making dating so mobile, so calculative, so tricky to decipher if someone is real with a phone to their face. 

What happened to just running into someone, glancing up, making steamy eye-contact, and falling madly in love?

He hands you his number on a piece of paper (the tombstone to the left of love). Rest in peace trees.

You go on a date to a nice place he picked himself, he pulls out your chair for you.

He didn’t “like” you. He doesn’t know you yet, but the gleam in the eye seems like he wants to get to know you.

He didn’t type that he wants something casual and it can grow into more. He let time and life take it course, to figure out if this is something he truly wants to pursue.

He would go with his heart and not with the pull of 40 new matches on his blinding iPhone.

If he had emotional baggage, he would use pen and paper to get over it and write love songs. 

He wouldn’t swipe to keep himself in check, and swipe to find his emotions. 

Swipe into someone’s heart and then swipe out as easy as a trip to Whole Foods. 

He would take care of it, like an adult.

But these days people say the best way to get over someone is not to get under someone but to throw themselves deep under a pile of “likes.”

It’s the digital age and we create digital love.

If we are so lucky to find someone, a thousand of your Instagram followers will love them too. 

We spread our joy so far and wide that some may think we’re persistently and consistently happy.

But, that’s not reality.

Most of all, that’s not love.

Real love disappeared when people found out perfection didn’t exist.

What do we do now?

How do we mourn love?

Do we wear all red, blast the Beatles, and sing show tunes?

We find love in unexpected ways, and unexpected people. We do our part in the world to make our world a loving place. Volunteer, read outside, meditate, find our passions. While we find our place, love will find us.

My mom granted me this wisdom, and while I have yet to find it. I’ve found love and happiness in tutoring, a girl I could call my student and little sister. I aspire to have her wit and her tenacity,

I’ve found love in the people that work the front desk at work, the homeless man in tattered clothes and a wig at the exit of the 101, in Baby Yoda.

When we love our life, we are fulfilled in our life, romantic love rises from the grave like Michael Jackson. 

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