A Very 20’s Introduction

So I’ve made many blogs.

I’ve started. I’ve stopped. I’ve loved. I’ve lost.

But I want you all to trust me.

This time it’s the real deal. It’s not a fake-out, I’m not saying I will eventually be your boyfriend and then break up with you. 

I’m giving you the promise, that I will post every Friday.

My blog is about being in your 20’s and how vulnerable this time is. We each have to date and get our hearts broken in a digital world. 

Being this age is difficult- read my anecdotes and advice and we can hold each other’s hands.

So here’s a little back story about me:

I am 24 and I am lost, and I am in the process of finding myself. First, let’s end the stigma with people thinking that’s not okay.

The first step to helping yourself is admitting it. The second step is understanding that we are all lost.

I left Loyola Marymount University teary-eyed and ambitious. I lived with my parents for a few months and then I moved to Downtown LA.

“Omg that is so your dream,” said most of my friends.

After going on millions of interviews, I finally got a job in entertainment PR in Hollywood. 

I started dating other men besides the drunk men I met at frat parties and bars in college.

I discovered most are real men with real jobs but fake agendas.

They say that they grow up after college. But really, they are children until they start balding.

One of my dates fell asleep on my couch. Another guy wore bell-bottoms and ended the date randomly by telling me to call my uber. 

But what I’ve realized lately that I’ve been dating, dating, and dating. The person for me is right in front of me.

It’s me.

This blog will not only be about love, but loving yourself.

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